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We are a dynamic group of senior level communicators creating and delivering strategic marketing and public relations campaigns for companies, organizations and brands.

The Circle

We are:


We understand that nothing grows our business better than the success of our clients.


We are not satisfied with "good enough" but strive for exceptional, measurable results.


We build relationships for brands and companies stretching beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing.


We "walk the talk" and work daily on the front lines of public and social communications.

Business Partners 

We work as extensions of internal and external public relations and marketing teams.

Out-of-the-Box Thinkers

We give our clients creative ideation that generates awareness while also delivering upon business goals.

Shawn Campbell-Zurawski

Shawn is a creative, strategic marketing public relations leader with a fun, entrepreneurial spirit and more than 25 years of experience. She has a successful track record developing and implementing strategies to exceed client expectations working with international companies, brands and industries including Cruise Lines International Association, Lands’ End, Choice Hotels, Rayovac, Flower Promotion Organization, Gatorade, and

Mary Di Brita

With her positive approach and personality, Mary has mastered client relations and partnerships. With two decades of agency experience, she has an extensive background in media and community relations, strategic partnerships, event planning and social media campaign development and management.

Sarah Guffey

Sarah is a PR pro and copywriter with her finger on the pulse of the news landscape. She has a knack for building strong relationships with both clients and the media alike. Sarah has worked in a variety of industries from high tech, travel and e-commerce to fashion, hospitality and consumer products to build and execute media relations strategies. A few of her stand-out recent successes include TODAY Show, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Refinery29 and BuzzFeed.

Laura McGowan

Laura is a top-tier PR strategist and public relations pro specializing in issues management and consumer product brand relationships. With extensive experience in regulated industries, she has consulted on crisis messaging and strategy. Laura has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Daily Mail (UK), al Jazeera, CNN and more than three hundred other media outlets on litigation issues, environmental concerns and business/labor issues.

The Circle

Challenge: How do you stand out in the cluttered swimwear marketing landscape? Circle PR was asked to ideate and strategize how to break through retail clutter, further establish Lands’ End as THE leader in swimwear, reach and acquire new customers and drive sales before Memorial Day Weekend.

Solution: Creativity and timing is everything. Circle PR created a ”reason” to buy a swimsuit from Lands’ End before the launch of summer. Through an integrated campaign, Lands’ End was the first retailer to announce National Swimsuit Day. Coupled with an incredible promotion as a call to action and a news hook.

Outcome: They say imitation is a form of flattery. Today, other retailers and social influencers are leveraging National Swimsuit Day. For Lands’ End, the campaign broke company records, acquired the most new customers in a 24-hour timeframe, was the largest day for website traffic and unmatched swimsuit sales and garnered more than 1200 earned media placements.

National Swimsuit Day


Challenge: needed to build goodwill with independently-owned restaurants while also generating awareness of the company’s offerings.


Solution: A clever approach and great timing led to the creation of Dish Mob – a call to action to ”dine local.” Cash Mobs were in the news for supporting small businesses and the Dish Mob campaign put the spotlight on restaurants offering an interesting, local news hook.


Outcome: The initiative brought community organizations, influencers and media to “Dish Mob” the eateries and use products. While the events were local, the newsworthiness was national and Dish Mob was featured in national stories in publications including BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and The Daily Buzz.

Dish Mob


Challenge: Cruise Lines International Association challenged Circle Public Relations to create a way to align the industry under one communications strategy during ”Cruise Month.”


Solution: During the month of October, the global cruise industry comes together to host the #ChooseCruise campaign to saturate media, influentials, travel agents and travelers worldwide with positive messaging about why to choose and book a cruise vacation.

Outcome: #ChooseCruise became the consistent drumbeat for the industry during the month of October generating a reason for audiences to tune in to learn more about cruise travel. #ChooseCruise stories were by far the most popular news and social stories of the year. The #ChooseCruise initiative is well-loved and now used throughout the year by audiences.



Audrey McClelland – Mom Generations

I’ve had the honor to work with Shawn and Mary from Circle PR for the last 10 years, and have thoroughly enjoyed working with these powerhouses. Circle PR takes the time to stay on top of digital trends, immerse themselves in new platforms and create meaningful relationships. Shawn and Mary also execute beautifully thought out, creative digital campaigns. I always feel a part of their team and I can tell you this - you don’t always feel that when you’re working with a PR agency.

Adam Lukaszewicz – Getting Stamped

The team at Circle PR was great to work with and we collaborated on one of the most memorable campaigns Getting Stamped has been a part of! Everything came together seamlessly. Circle PR integrated us early in the planning to ensure we captured great branded content, while remaining true to our style and voice.

Joe Miragliotta – Joe’s Daily

I can't say enough good things about Circle PR. Over the years, Mary and Shawn have been a dynamic duo I absolutely adore working with. I've been in this business for nearly a decade, and there are few agencies I'd recommend as highly as Circle PR. Thank you for being a great partner, colleague, and friend.

Nick Wayland – CEO and Founder, TravMedia

When reputations are at stake, delivery of projects and maintaining expectations are an invaluable ingredient to successful platforms. In the past three years, over several successful events, we have grown to appreciate the Circle PR team’s leadership, attention to detail and continuous on-project delivery. 

Lorri Christou – Vice President, Public Relations and External Affairs, Choice Hotels

Circle Public Relations applies a combination of creativity and strategy to achieve business communications objectives. Their positive approach is contagious and always exceed my expectations. I’ve also enjoyed working with them to conduct professional development trainings, including executive media training and writing workshops, which are both engaging and effective.

Cindy D’Aoust – Senior Executive Leader

I have worked closely with the team at Circle Public Relations on strategic communications approaches as well as to prepare for and conduct national media interviews. Their guidance, knowledge and grace have been invaluable and helped to elevate my executive visibility.

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Challenge: The media and social landscapes continue to evolve and clients have challenged our team to generate widespread awareness. Circle PR has worked with and leveraged the influence of social personalities for over a decade.

Solution: Through relationships and strategic multi-tiered strategies, the Circle team has created processes and approaches to exceed client expectations. The team has even leveraged cross-marketing with influencers to traditional channels including spokesperson opportunities.

Outcome: Social influencer campaigns have increased sales, launched products, driven cause awareness, website traffic, social followers and more.

Influencer Marketing


Professional development never goes out of style. Companies and agencies tap the expertise of Circle Public Relations to conduct a variety of training and workshop sessions.


  • Executive Media Training

  • Staff Writing Workshop

  • Event Planning Workshop

  • Experiential Marketing Training

  • Influencer Marketing Basics

Workshops and Training

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